Under the proposals, insurers will have to allocate specific responsibility for developing and embedding the culture of Visit their website their firms to one or click here more senior managers. The watchdog also plans to introduce new conduct standards for these managers.

“Policyholders are best served by insurance companies with senior managers who can be held to account and who are individually responsible for Company website the decisions they make,” PRA chief executive and BoE Deputy Governor Andrew Bailey said.

Regulators have come under fire from lawmakers for bringing so few bankers to book after lenders had to be bailed out by taxpayers in the 2007-09 financial crisis.

Under the so-called “reversal of burden of proof” proposals for RSS Feed banks, top managers would have to prove to regulators they were unaware of or had challenged dubious behaviour at the time.

This has alarmed bankers, with Source two directors of HSBC set to leave the bank because they are unhappy with the new rules, Reuters reported last month.

The plans for insurers are slightly different, recognising the differences between cheap car insurance the industries, the PRA said.

Regulators would have to show misconduct by an insurance official was deliberate or that behaviour fell below reasonable standards. The sanctions that could be imposed against insurance officials are also in line with those already available, such as fines, bans and public warnings.

The Association of British Insurers (ABI), an industry body, said it was reassured the plans recognised the payday loans differences between banks and insurers.

“We will be working with our members… to ensure that the regime is fit for purpose and ensures a continuing flow Website of high level talent into the insurance industry,” it said.

The new regime for insurers such as Prudential and Aviva will apply to chief executives, chief finance officers, chief risk officers, heads of internal audit and chief actuaries.

The watchdog will also publish a further RSS Feed consultation on how non-executive directors at insurance and banking firms will click come under the new accountability rules.


Last week, Wells Fargo was the first payday loans private payday loans student loan lender to announce it will modify private student loans for borrowers that are facing financial hardship. While many private lenders have worked with borrowers, Wells Fargo is one of the first to announce that it will offer long term modifications to borrower payment plans. You can read the full press release here.

Private Loans Have Been A Struggle For Many Borrowers

The truth is, many borrowers have gotten themselves into financial trouble with private student loans. Federal student loans place limits on the amount students can borrow – theoretically for their own protection. However, when these loans are exhausted, some students turn to private loans to fill the gap.

Private loans typically have payday loans online higher interest rates than Federal loans, and have far fewer protections for borrowers. There are also few choices in repayment plans beyond the standard fixed repayment.

Private Lenders Must Compete With Federal Programs

For borrowers, there has been a lot of confusion around private versus Federal loans. While Federal student loans offer various repayment programs, student loan forgiveness, and student loan consolidation options, private student loans do not.

This has made it difficult for private lenders to compete with the Federal government for traditional students. Instead, private lenders have focused on areas where the Federal programs don’t apply: medical school, law school, graduate loans, and more. But the risks are higher, and lenders face shareholders where the government does not.

The read trouble is, borrowers in payday loans these loans take on more debt – especially in the graduate segment, than they can likely afford. The result is the lenders are facing higher default risks in their portfolio. In turn, it make sense that they will begin offering more structured programs to get borrowers paying on their loans as much as possible.

Borrowers Still Have A Tough Journey

However, borrowers with private loans still have a tough journey to face if they want to get a private student loan modification from their lender. it’s important that borrowers remember that these are still for-profit companies, and so any loan modification is not going to be structured just to help the student, but also help the bank as well.

Here’s what Wells Fargo is offering borrowers facing financial hardship:

When you are having difficulty finding employment, have experienced a job loss, or have an unplanned medical expense, we understand that keeping up with payments can be difficult.

We may have options that will provide temporary and permanent relief, such as: Short-term payment relief for up to two months as long as you’ve loans consistently made your loan payments on time, payment relief for up to six Their website months due to financial hardship, payment options payday loans if you are already past due on your account, and Loan Modification Program which may temporarily or permanently lower payment amounts.

When borrowers contact Wells Fargo with a financial hardship concern, they should be prepared to gather supporting financial documents that may include pay stubs, or other types of income documentation, along with information surrounding the customer’s complete financial picture to evaluate the severity of the financial hardship. Even then, it’s no guarantee that Wells Fargo will agree to loans any student loan modification.

If you’re mired in private student loan debt, the best thing you can do is pay them off as quickly as payday loans online possible. Find a side hustle, work extra hours, whatever it takes to get the income to pay off the loan.


Chief executives and other senior officials at insurance companies in Britain will be made more directly accountable to regulators for their decisions under plans announced by the Bank of England on Wednesday.

“Policyholders are best served by insurance companies with Front page senior managers who can be held click to account and who are click RSS here individually responsible for the decisions they make,” PRA chief read more executive and BoE Deputy Governor Andrew Bailey said.

Regulators have come under fire from lawmakers for bringing so few bankers to book after lenders had to be bailed out by taxpayers in the 2007-09 financial crisis.

Under the so-called “reversal of burden of proof” proposals Check this cheap car insurance out for banks, top managers would have to Main page prove to regulators they were unaware of or had challenged dubious behaviour at the time.

This has alarmed bankers, with two directors of HSBC set to leave the bank because they are unhappy with the new rules, Reuters reported last month.

The plans for insurers are slightly different, recognising the differences between the industries, the PRA said.

Regulators would have to show misconduct by an insurance official was deliberate or that behaviour fell below reasonable standards. The sanctions that could be imposed against insurance officials are also in line with those already available, such as fines, bans Visit site and public warnings.

The Association of British Insurers (ABI), an industry body, said it was reassured the plans recognised the differences between banks and insurers.

“We will be working with our members… to ensure that the regime is fit for purpose and ensures a continuing flow of high level talent into the insurance industry,” it said.

The new regime for insurers such as Prudential and Bing Aviva will apply to chief executives, chief finance officers, chief risk officers, heads of internal audit and chief actuaries.

At the Lloyd’s of London insurance market, it will apply to chief underwriting officers and underwriting risk oversight functions.

How To Properly Finance Trade Receivables In Canada

Receivable credit solutions don’t always come from the bank. Any business selling on credit, large or small soon feels somewhat ‘ tied up ‘. Those goods and services you’ve delivered require payment and the ability to finance trade receivables is critical. Let’s dig in.

If read more a Canadian chartered bank or business credit union can’t supply the financing you need is there an alternative? You knew there was, and it’s click here the financing of your A/R through an independent commercial finance company. The click problem? Which of their multiple solutions works for you… is one better than the other, and can the costs of such financing be managed properly or reduced?

Improving collection procedures and invoicing clearly and properly

If you’re focused on achieving the best method to finance trade receivables seek click here out and speak to loans a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor with a track record of success in Receivable Credit solutions.

2. Only draw down on your ‘ factoring’ facility when you need it

Focus on the benefits of a CONFIDENTIAL RECEIVABLE FINANCING solution – This is our recommended solution for all our clients, as it allows you to bill and collect your sales without the ‘ notification’ that is required by traditional factoring services

Stan Prokop

While the ‘ street terminology ‘ refers to this method of financing as ‘ FACTORING ‘ there are in reality a number of subsets of this type of commercial finance . Choosing the right one is your key to success,

Invoice clients the day you deliver your product or service

Two critical points come to bear here:

Considering advance/down payments in some form

Ensure you have a facility that doesnt require you to finance all your A/R all the time – if that’s the read case you’re dealing with the wrong firm

About the Author:

Stan Prokop – founder of 7 Park Avenue Financial

Originating business financing for Canadian companies , specializing in working capital, cash flow, asset based financing . In business 10 years – has completed in excess of 80 Million $$ of financing for Canadian corporations . Core blog competancies include receivables financing, asset based lending, working capital, equipment finance, franchise finance and tax credit financing.

Key point any time your clients pay over 30 days increases financing costs, and that includes higher financing costs or simply the higher cost of carrying receivables that are unpaid – Example… The carrying cost on $10,000 paid in 66 days at 14% interest loans rate would be: $10,000 x .014 / 365 x 66 = $253.00

Haven’t had someone fully or clearly explain how A/R Finance works? You’ve just received your clearance for a full explanation! –> Based on an up front financing security agreement being signed you can draw down typically up to 90% of the value of your total receivables that are under 90 days old . By the way the banks typically allow you to draw down only 75% of A/R, so one immediate observation is that you just managed to negotiate more liquidity / cash flow for your business,

The balance of 10% is in effect a ‘ holdback’ of sorts, and when your client read more pays you received that 10% back immediately, less a financing cost that is in the 1.25 – 2% range. So using a 10k invoice as an example your financing cost would be 125 .00 – 200.00 $. Naturally the insurance costs are geared toward your client paying promptly in 30 days, which are very typical commercial trade receivable credit terms…

1. You can reduce financing costs by focusing harder than ever on your management of receivables – That includes:

Offering prompt pay discounts

Use your receivable credit facility to reduce overall financing costs – this includes taking prompt pay discounts with your own suppliers, as well as negotiating better prices with suppliers for goods you can pay for on delivery

Save Money With Private Health Insurance

It was never a cheap option for a health insurance Linkedin and recent research shows that health insurance premiums are at an all time high. Medical insurance is very much important these days because hospitals are no longer accepting patient not having medical insurance. You can buy an affordable health insurance policy click here and we here offering you some useful tips for that.

Choose Standard Health Plan

You have two options for private health insurance in uk, first one is the standard health plan and other one is comprehensive health plan. If Visit our website you opt for standard health insurance plan then it will give you below coverage:

Basic hospital treatments

Emergency care

In-patient and daycare sessions

Diagnostic laboratory tests

Physiotherapy sessions

Home nursing

Online health service

These plans are more reasonably priced than comprehensive private health insurance plans. Standard plans are sold by insurance companies under various titles such as News! Assure, Primecare, Saver etc.

Search Around For Discounts

There are hundreds of medical insurers in UK that made uk insurance market so competitive, and this situation gives an opportunity to buyers to have an affordable health insurance plan. You just need to perform a detailed search, dont just blindly opt for an insurer that looks good on paper or is advertised heavily on the telly. Zone in on those private medical insurers that offers you value for money in terms of packages, discounts and benefits. There are a large number of private health insurers that offer cash plans, money saving discounts and attractive benefits.

Some of the companies that you can check out are:

Pruhealth Insurance Company: This is a subsidiary of Prudential Insurance click here offers several health insurance plans Read more that suit all types of finances. There are three types of plans you can compare Visit the site on their website: Core, Essential and Comprehensive.

AXA PPP Healthcare: AXA PPP has four types of health plans you can purchase based on your budget. The first plan is Assure that covers for surgical procedures, cancer treatments, scans, hospital bills, specialist fees Continue reading this.. and lab tests. The second plan is know as Key and it includes all that is in assure plus up to 300 benefit and psychiatric treatments. The third plan is called Ideal and it covers up to click here 800 per year. The fourth plan is known as Premier and it has no annual maximum for outpatient treatment.

Patient Choice: Patient Choice has a long list of health insurance providers from which you can choose a health insurer, or compare prices of different providers at different cost levels. You can also have a look at their affiliated doctors, hospital networks and clinical facilities.

About the Author:

Health Insurance Solutions UK providing medical insurance and health insurance advice. To get online medical health insurance Read more… quote, health insurance benefits and health insurance plans in the UK visit

Reputed Lawyers For Companies Law In Saudi Arabia

Reputed Lawyers for Companies payday loans Law in Saudi Arabia

The firmly established Saudi Arabia companies’ law implies that every lawyer hired by corporate law firms should possess legal expertise and knowledge. As such, any organization looking to recruit a Saudi attorney will get the best among the legal minds.

Hence, companies and organizations looking to hire reputed lawyers for companies’ law in Saudi Arabia should follow the pointers below:

Legal assessment

First the organization click here has to streamline the purpose of hiring a Saudi Arabia company law attorney and underline click here the role to be played by the firm / attorney within the organization. The click here Saudi company law attorneys fall under two categories: the litigators and the transactional lawyers. The litigators handle company disputes and the transactional lawyers handle securities and contracts.

Once the assessment and requirement are laid out, the next step is to search for Saudi lawyers. The often chosen methods are:

Internet – Organizations can search for Saudi companies’ law service providers online. With internet optimization, it is easy to find Saudi attorneys from Saudi Arabia. Check out the specific websites of the Saudi Arabia companies law for details and recommendations.

Directories – The comprehensive directory of lawyers can be found both online and in print. While some just state the name and contact details of the company lawyers, others state the whole background of the person and their legal expertise, which undoubtedly is more useful.

Bar Association Referrals – Organizations can approach the bar association in the area for Saudi lawyers referrals. But this strategy has a minus point as the bar click here association referrals are selective; in other words,Saudi lawyers who do not cheap car insurance get them listed in the bar association referral program miss possible opportunities.

Since internet is the cheap car insurance information giant, it is advised to look for Saudi companies’ law service providers online, check their services, see the recommendations and contact them.

About the Author: is a Saudi Arabia Law Firm who is expert in handling Company, Commercial, Property, Real Estate related payday loans legal works. Find the best Saudi Lawyers to handle your Commercial and Foreign cheap car insurance Investment Law’s. Get the Legal Advice on Local and Foreign join venture in saudi arabia. For more payday loans details, visit us at

Award-Winning SEO, Optimized Web Designs, Positioning You for Search Engine Marketing Success

Award-Winning SEO, Optimized Web Designs, Positioning You for Search Engine Marketing Success | Mannix Marketing, Inc.

Whether you need search engine optimization, a custom website, or anything in between, we’ve got you covered. Discover the latest strategies for helping your business Get Found online and convert more leads today!


SEO is part science, part art. With 17 years of digital marketing experience, we know the art and the science of successfully getting you found on the web.

Web Design

Responsive websites designed with conversions and SEO in mind not only fit every screen from a mobile to a PC, they also return more traffic, leads and sales.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing solutions from an experienced digital marketing team produce qualified leads that convert to sales.


Unleash the power of regional marketing guides to get found locally:,,,, and

Social Media

Are you looking for advice, or an experienced team to handle your social media marketing? We know how social media marketing can grow your business.

Paid Search

It takes time and experience to manage Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns in a cost-effective way that provides a return on your investment. Our experienced marketing consultants maximize your time and your ROI, letting you focus on running your business.

Local SEO

Are you being found by your regional customers? Over 70% use online search to find area businesses. Getting found makes a big difference to your bottom line.


What’s the use of a beautiful website and lots of traffic if you can’t convert leads to buyers? With conversion rate optimization (CRO), we’ll help you convert more leads to sales.

Email Marketing

Top-of-mind email campaigns convert browsers to buyers. From set-up to delivery, we keep your message in front of your customers and grow your e-list.

At Mannix Marketing, we take a holistic approach toward internet marketing.

We look at your whole business, evaluating all the internet marketing options that will work for you and recommend the best integrated strategies to give you the greatest return on your ad dollar. Whether you are a local brick-and-mortar or an e-commerce business, call us today (518) 743-9424.

Talk to a Digital Strategist Today

” I was thrilled with the level of dedication, support, and quality of service I received from Mannix Marketing through the entire process of the website redesign for Pok-O-MacCready Camps. It was refreshing to work with a creative company that took the time to get to know my business operates and understand its history…”

Erin DeBusk

Marketing Director, Pok-O-MacCready Camps

The calls to action are great. They drive visitors to click to other parts of the site and dig deeper into what we do as a company, and what services we could provide to that specific visitor. We are extremely pleased with the new website… Mannix did an outstanding job of creating a professional site, rich with images that draw attention to our services. The site is more organized now- everything on each page has a reason for being there and it makes the site easier to explore.

Bryce LaDuc

Marketing Coordinator , C.T. Male Associates

We have had a creative working relationship with Mannix Marketing for over 12 years. Our current website is an amazing tool for us, the Alpine Sport Shop is available for our customers and the world to explore 24 hours a day.

Alpine Sport Shop

We have been working with Sara Mannix and her marketing team at Longfellows Hotel, Restaurant and Conference Center and the Olde Bryan Inn for over twelve years. Sara and Mannix Marketing are the best in the business. Most marketing companies are long on promises while Mannix Marketing delivers results. From web site design and implementation to key word development and positioning – Mannix Marketing drives business to our restaurants, banquet operations and hotel. All of our requests are handled promptly and courteously. We could not be happier with the service or results we receive from this team.

Stephen Sullivan

President/Owner, Longfellows

“Your staff is always willing to help me with any problem I may run into from a technical standpoint using Word Press. They are always very positive and simplify the situation so it is more user-friendly. I am very pleased with the outstanding customer service your employees provide that I felt it deserved to be pointed out. (Specifically Gavin and Jamie). Thanks for your time and great service!”

Christina Ostrander

Lake George Winter Carnival

Today I got a call from someone who ‘liked my web site’ and ‘there are a lot of realtors out there but I liked yours’. He wants to list his property. Thanks to you & others at Mannix!!

Holly Dansbury

Holly Dansbury Real Estate

I just wanted you to know that your team has delivered service above and beyond our expectations. Jennifer and Jon have been so great. Anytime we need something, they’re there to help immediately. We couldn’t be happier. You have a great team – I’ve recommended your company to anyone looking for Web help.

J.C. Woods

Mr. Appliance

Dear Sara, Just wanted to send a quick note to thank you and your team, especially Jennifer and Toby, for your efforts on the Six Flags Great Escape Lodge and Indoor Waterpark website re-launch. We were thrilled with Jennifer’s creative design, the teamwork demonstrated by your hosting employees, and the time in which the project was completed. The final result is outstanding, and quite an improvement to our previous site. We would be happy to provide a positive business reference for Mannix Marketing, should you be interested in the future. Thanks again for all your hard work.

Scott Maupin

President, Six Flags Great Escape Lodge & Indoor Water Park

You all have been a huge factor in my own growth and evolution.

Jon Katz

Bedlam Farm

We are very happy we chose to redevelop our website with Mannix Marketing. Their creativity and the patience they showed when working with us were remarkable. Once the site was up, they have stayed with us and regularly encouraged us with advice as to how to make the site even better. Count us among the “super fans” of Mannix Marketing.

Bill Jenkins

Albany Tile

We wanted to avoid a stereotypical ‘traditional church’ image so we asked Mannix Marketing to create something that would be relevant to our demographic, which includes millennials and their friends and family, without alienating more traditional church participants who resonate with our mission and feel comfortable in our growing faith community.

Dean Brown

Lead Pastor, Vantage Pointe Church

“Working with Mannix is like having our own in-house web development team. We have seen a direct correlation between our web marketing efforts (website, regional portal, email and social media) and the continued growth of our business…We are proud to have teamed up with Mannix Marketing for the past 15 years and look forward to reaping the rewards of our continue partnership in the future.”

David J. King

President/CEO, Lake George RV Park

Lake George Escape Campgrounds

Selecting Mannix Marketing to create our website may be our best business decision to date. They worked with us to create a unique website that tells the story behind our business: showcasing our expertise, highlighting our latest projects and providing connectivity and communication to our online audience. Sara and her team create first-class websites. They have put us on the map with our great website!

Tony DeFranco

DeFranco Landscaping

Mannix Marketing has elevated the look and feel of our website to a new level. I would like to say thank you to Sara, Mark, and the entire Mannix Team. The redesign and continual updates we requested were met with enthusiasm and professionalism. I would highly recommend Mannix Marketing to all.

Rob Rajeski

Garden Time

We really enjoyed working with Mannix Marketing. They saw our vision and created an easy to navigate, professional, informative and organized site for our customers. With their continued support and excellent customer service Hamilton Building Services continues to grow as does our website.

Courtney Lowie

Hamilton Building Services

“I now utilize Mannix Marketing for all my businesses, in respect to website build, maintenance, design and online marketing. We continue to grow with them and they continue to grow our business, and for that I love when I get the opportunity to refer Mannix Marketing to everyone…..except my competition!!”

Saratoga Beer Week

As a complete novice the Mannix team gently but firmly guided me every step of the way. Answering all my questions, they continue to be supportive. I love the way they brought the CrankCase website to fruition. Mannix has done a great job in helping my business grow!

Jane Stine


The process in working with Mannix Marketing was seamless – they advised us about photography and copy and together we created a website and payment system that works beautifully. Our customers love the website for its beautiful images and information about the Gore Mountain Region.

Nadine Cusack

Glens Falls Tile

Mannix Marketing did a great job with our website from start to finish. They had an initial meeting to brainstorm all ours and their ideas for the website. Then they designed a smoothly running site that’s easy for us to update. This website is now our main initial contact with customers.

Tom Wessling

R&T Antiques

Your team was very professional, creative, and helpful throughout the web site development process. Ultimately, you helped us articulate what we wanted to achieve through our website. You created something that is very visually appealing and brand appropriate.

Sujata Chaudhry and Vera Dordick

Tangible Development

Thank you to Mannix Marketing for doing an exceptional job in developing our website. Your team was able to effectively represent our corporate image and showcase our projects in a clean way that is easy to navigate. The result is a website that can be easily updated to grow along with the company and promote our brand to a wide audience.

Mike Phinney

Phinney Design Group

“Mannix Marketing took our tired and drab website and breathed new life into it. Since the update we have enjoyed a surge of new guests that have commented about how the website has drawn them to the inn.”

John Phillips

Friends Lake Inn

We were recommended to Mannix Marketing 14 years ago and truly cannot be happier with their design, service, and above all else our website presence on Google searches. Back in 1999 when practically no one had even heard of Google, Mannix rode the wave! We found the Keene Valley Lodge always among the top few when net searching a B&B in the High Peaks and over the last 14 years the design and easy navigability of our website has brought scores of guests from all over the world to the Keene Valley Lodge.

Keene Valley Lodge

I have worked with Mannix Marketing on websites and internet marketing for fifteen years. No matter what business I’ve asked them to aid with, they’ve always been able to help me come up with a strategy that’s appropriate and meets the requirements of my budget. Recently, they have help me to develop a marketing portal that cross promotes events we produce all over the united states. You’re welcome to visit it at I always rely on Sara and her team for advice and direction on all my internet marketing needs.

Jason Sherry

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If only there were words adequate to express how pleased I am with my new website. My old one was a great draw and got me plenty of business=but the new one is phenomenal. I had only a vague idea of what I wanted and somehow Mannix Marketing caught on immediately understanding just what I needed to attract homeowners to my site. “A photograph can say so much more than all the best written copy” they explained, suggesting the layout, format and type of photos to include. I couldn’t get over how quickly they worked from concept to making actual samples of the design pages for my review. Even after completion, when I’ve sent requests for modifications and my website edited and up again in minutes. I’d definitely use them again and will recommend this company to friends and business associates in Austin. Thanks a million!

Liz Klein

Design My Yard

Our website is a internet business opportunity huge asset for our business. I loved working with Mannix Marketing, they listened to my needs and built a site that has helped us grow our business. Their support and customer service is fantastic.

Howard Nadler

Adirondack Dream Homes

“The team at Mannix Marketing provides outstanding technical support and is always quick to make any required changes. Since we have major revisions to the content of the Saratoga Showcase of Homes website each year based on the builders, homes, sponsors, maps, charities, etc., their efforts make this important task seamless which is big reason that this event continues to be a huge success.”

Barry Potoker

Saratoga Builders Association

A couple of years ago we wanted to completely overhaul our website and when we went to meet with the folks at Mannix Marketing we stressed a couple of things that were very important to us – the look & feel of the site and the ability to do our own updates and changes. All websites have a feel or “Vibe” and we were very specific that we wanted a site with a great look and also a good vibe. We gave them an idea on what we wanted for the look and feel of our site and they hit the nail on the head. The site is easy to navigate and also has some fairly technical features – our online ski reservation system for example – that make this site work well for both us and our customers. It is also very important to us that we have excellent support from our web designer. Any time we have a technical question or on occasion when I make a mistake editing our site they are only a e-mail or phone call away. We get compliments all the time from our customers about our web page and our business has grown substantially since we updated our site. I would recommend Mannix Marketing to any and all that need their services.

Pete Burns

Beaverbrook Outfitters

Thank You! I know I threw a challenge at you with the web design, but I cannot thank you enough. Our conversion rate (visits to online bookings) has doubled. I and everyone here love the new site and once again…Thank You!

Ida Williams

Director of Marketing, Fort William Henry Resort & Conference Center

My business has been working with the Mannix Marketing team for a number of years. Their knowledge, strategic guidance, and quality service has been very helpful in growing my restaurant and its online presence. After they redesigned my website last year on line reservations increased 85% and my catering business increased 142%. Their expertise allows us to keep our brand fresh and relevant to the social media customer. I trust Mannix Marketing with all my internet positioning.

Ed Pagnotta

The Barnsider Smokehouse BBQ

“The Mannix team recommended a 90 day “pay per click” program; a small investment for a big return. To sum it up, the year is just about over for the Boathouse Bed and Breakfast but because of the change (website & SEO plan) and the professionalism of the Mannix Marketing Team in the toughest economy and poor summer weather conditions the Boathouse Bed and Breakfast had the best year in 9 years of business.”

Joe and Patti Silipigno

Boathouse Bed and Breakfast

We could not be more pleased with the redesign of our web site design and with the support services offered by Mannix Marketing. We are thrilled with our new web site, and it has been warmly received by our customers. Everyone at the firm is professional and exceedingly pleasant. Questions are answered immediately and thoroughly. We can recommend Mannix Marketing with enthusiasm and without reservation!

Ann and Olavi Hirvonen

Owners, Lapland Lake Nordic Vacation Center

The hits are increasing each day and the placement improvement is really helping. Please keep us posted and thank you so much…

Joe & Patti

Innkeepers, Boathouse Bed and Breakfast

WOW- instant success! Getting calls from across the USA!

Sharon Taylor

Owner & Innkeeper, The Fern Lodge

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